Tanatomy Collection

Top of all Tanning Products; super premium Tanning and Tan Preserving Lotion Line. Contains Super Octa Plex Complex™: All 8 known Tan Intensifier.

Results: The richest personal tan and superb anti-aging, skin preservation.

Who is it for?

Tanners/customers of all ages who desire and demand the "Very Best" of everything.

Intelligent Tanning Collection

A specific product for every tanning need; Exclusive Melanocyte Energizers™ produce the highest levels of melanin, plus a rich menu of other tanning ingredients. Multiple skin enhancing, moisturizing, and nutrition ingredients and top consumer preferred fragrances.

Who is it for?

Savvy consumers whose lives are filled with advanced “cutting edge” technology. Those who demand products that perform at the highest level and “look the part.”

Tanique Collection

Merges the skin care expertise of the most scientific "upscale "Department Store Brand with MRI’s tanning technology expertise. Accelerates current product science with the most advanced new ingredients:

MelanoBronze for non-streaking immediate and long lasting light bronzing and Don Quai for increased microcirculation for radiant, healthy skin.

Additional Ingredients for specific products Fragrance Free with smart, modern packaging with an easy to use locking pump.

Who is it for?

Women who covet stylish, up market cosmetics with proven skin benefits. She wants to be first in fashion, the center of her friend’s attention.

Bella Soleil Collection

The Mediterranean Sea, azure waters, perfect beaches, calming….yet wonderfully alive. The vacation and the tan of your dreams.

European cosmetic and packaging fashion expertise meets American tanning technology for a new, exciting tanning, skin therapy experience.

Multiple Tan Intensifiers, intense moisturizing and skin treatment complexes, Silicone Emulsion – you can have Fashion Model Skin.

Who is it for?

Wordly women who are sophisticated, yet practical and can differentiate trends from fads. They are interested in European Fashion, but also admire American innovation; they select products that fit their lifestyle; that become an outward symbol of their persona.

Mineral SUN Collection

Mineral make up for the body and face; combines the perfection of an immediate mineral tan with the latest discoveries in the science of tanning.

Immediate flawless, radiant tan while energizing the skin for a deeper UV Tan.

Superb Skin and Tan Enhancement: Silicone Emulsion; Aloe; Shea and Cocoa Butter; Walnut and Sunflower Oil; improves the overall well being of the skin.

Who is it for?

Customers who want a rich immediate tan and longer term UV tanning, for their best possible skin color. They understand and desire the color benefits of skin enhancing minerals and appreciate a cocktail of natural based deep moisturizing ingredients.

The UNIQUE Collection

Each item is individual. There is a perfect tanning and skin care lotion for each individual’s needs. Each name and package design is compelling, attractive and Unique; generous 11 oz sizes. Unique formulas, with varying skin benefits and contemporary, memorable fragrances.

Who is it for?

The younger, adventurous, stylish tanner, who isn’t yet, into buying a range or collection of products. They want just one tanning lotion, that is perfect and unique for them.

Sun Skin Spa Collection

Experience the pampering and proven results of a Spa, achieving your perfect tan and superb, youthful skin. All tanning lotions utilize multiple premium intensifiers, MR Complex™ and additional cosmeceutical compounds to condition, energize and prepare the dermal layers for perfectly tanned, healthy, youthful looking skin.

Wrinkle reduction, anti-aging and skin firming benefits are imparted by additional tailored ingredients and complexes, ex. Sesa-Flash™. Fragrances vary by product; they all are clean, spa like, leaving a light, fresh scent.

Who is it for?

Customers who crave the pampering and healthy skin benefits of a Spa, yet also wish to improve their tans. These discriminating tanners prefer collections of products that work together, providing exactly the tan and skin improvement benefits they desire.

Bare Body 2012 Collection

Extends the life of your tan.

High quality moisturizing, skin enhancing ingredients in a convenient, value sized 18.8oz, with pump. Perfect for after tanning, ideal for use every day, these products are made for tanners. Mass brands ignore tanners needs.

Who is it for?

All tanners, especially those using a mass brand or no moisturizer at all.

Versa Spa Professional Skin Care

Formulated by the Professionals at Sunless, Inc. VersaSpa® SUNLESSPRO is the latest advancement in take-home Sunless skin care.

Each product is infused with Vitamin D3, Caffeine and Avocado Oil, and contains specific ingredients to hydrate, nourish, protect, and soften your skin before, during, and after your Sunless Tan. VersaSpa® SUNLESSPRO ensures flawless results for both self-applied and Professional Sunless Tanning applications.

Key Ingredients Spotlight


• Nourishes skin by helping lock in moisture before it’s lost
• Revitalizes the skin’s immune system
• Essential element for skin’s normal repair process
• Fights damaging free radicals


• Contains antioxidant enriched, anti-inflammatory properties
• Prevents free radicals from damaging skin cells
• Acts as a skin tightener and cellulite reducer
• Helps to improve skin’s texture and smoothness


• Aids in increasing the amount of collagen in the skin
• Helps to soften skin with its moisturizing properties
• Helps reduce age spots
• High in sterolins, which helps to reduce blemishes